WoMeN Vs MAkeUp tip of the week: Bridal Beauty: mistakes and how to avoid them on your big day

Are you a bride
Here are some makeup tips for your walk down the aisle.

Summer wedding season is in full swing and brides-to-be everywhere are searching for the perfect bridal look for their special day. While choosing the perfect dress is a massive decision, your makeup choice is just as important!!

The amount of decisions a bride must make about her wedding day will turn any woman into a “bridezilla.” From the venue, to the cake, to a dress, the choices are endless.

Your bridal makeup should enhance your features so you look like yourself — at your most radiant and beautiful.

My biggest tip for wedding day beauty is to stay away from anything trendy, because trends come and go.

Stay away from anything that isn’t “you.” or doesn’t feel natural.

Choose products that are photo friendly and that will last all day.

Have a little more blush on your wedding day because when you take a picture, the picture washes you out a little bit…..
extra blush will give you an extra lift.


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